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International Performance Art Festival


Wed.  28.08.  -  Sun. 01.09.2019


RESIST! Vienna! is an international performance art festival featuring 26 artists, attempting to offer answers to personal experiences of exclusion, repression and social restrictions.

RESIST! Vienna! supports voicing dissidence in front of neoliberal, patriarchal hegemonic normative pressure. Freedom not as a hollow phrase but being lived supporting tolerance in a world on the edge.

After RESIST! México! Now for the first time RESIST! Vienna!

RESIST! Vienna! curated by Doris Steinbichler.

Doris Steinbichler won in 2001 the Mexican Performance Art Prize and the Mexican Radio Art Prize. She lived for over 15 years as a sound and performance artist in Mexico and is a traveler between the European and Central American world.

As an artistic strategy, she uses analog visuals and voice improvisations to make visible, audible, overlapping, and contradictory perceptions. Her works span genre and media, moving between performance art, noise music and visual art.

In 1999 she founded the art space "Epicentro" in Mexico City in which she showed  more than 100 events and productions between installation, performance, photo, video, multimedia, electronic music, dance and spoken word.

Just like the RESIST! Vienna! (2019) and RESIST! Mexiko! 2019, she is also responsible for the initiation and organization of the week-long radio festival "Remediar - the unofficial radio biennial" (2001), the Expander Cinema and the analogue projection collective "Trinchera Ensamble" (Mexico, 2004) and "4shrooms" (Austria, 2007).



Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

   6:00 pm       Introducing the artists and discussion

                       about Resistance nowadays

   8:00 pm       Víctor Martínez MX

   9:00 pm       Jessica Fairfax Hirst US

   10:00 pm     DJ: AJtheDJ  DE


Thursday, August 29th, 2019     

   7:00 pm       Sophie Dupont  DK

   8:00 pm       Edwarda Gurrola  MX

   9:00 pm       Diana Soria Hernández MX / FI

   10:00 pm     Cataratas de Niágara MX


Friday, August 30th, 2019

   6:00 pm       Salla Valle  FI

   7:00 pm       Van Jesus  BR

   8:00 pm       Melanie Maar  US / AT

   9:00 pm       GRUPO D3 CHOK3 / Orgypunk MX

   10:00 pm     Post Kaput MX


Saturday, August 31st, 2019

   6:00 pm       Heike Pfingsten DE 

   7:00 pm       Rico Esquivel MX

   8:00 pm       Jaja Rolim & Ianni Luna BR

   9:00 pm       Jorge Ismael Rodríguez  MX

   9:30 pm       Doris Steinbichler AT

   10:30 pm     DJ: AJtheDJ  DE


Sunday, September 1st, 2019

   3:30 pm       Mads Floor Andersen & Sara Lanner DK / AT

   4:00 pm       Eliu Almonte RD

   4:30 pm       Guadalupe Aldrete MX

   5:00 pm       Sophie Dupont  DK

   6:00 pm       SelfSightSeeing Company DE / AT

   6:30 pm       Weeks & Whitford  UK

   7:00 pm       DJ: AJtheDJ  DE



Dessous Gallery

Anton-Scharff Gasse 4

1120 Wien

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